20-22 of September,

Tekken World Tour Challenger Event,

in Athens, Greece

Registrations Are Open

Get ready for the next battle!

Clash of the Olympians (aka COTO), Greece’s major fighting games event brand, serving as a prestigious qualifier for the Tekken World Tournament since 2019. Witness the fiercest fighting competitors from all over the world and beyond clash in a legendary showdown worthy of the Olympian gods themselves.

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Venue has gotten a level up!

Experience the thrill of #COTO2K24 in the luxurious surroundings of the renowned “ATLAS” event room at one of Athens’ most prestigious hotels “President“. This marks the first time our epic event takes place in such a grand venue, adding an extra touch of excitement to the already legendary showdown.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of history at Greece’s major fighting event.

President hotel event room image

The host


Tasos’ passion for fighting games began in childhood, fueling his journey to become a dedicated player and leader in the Greek esports scene. He founded LegacyOfKaiser (LOK), the #1 fighting game esports team in Greece, boasting numerous national and international achievements, including over eight 1st place finishes.

Driven to showcase Greece’s top talent, Tasos organizes tournaments mirroring international standards. While LOK currently focuses on sponsoring rising stars and supporting the local FGC (Fighting Game Community) scene, his vision extends beyond. As Event Director for Clash Of The Olympians (COTO), which originated as a crew-created invitational, Tasos aspires to transform COTO into an international fighting game hub, hosting a wider range of tournaments in the future.